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Free stuff and handouts

Caro writes, I live in Auckland and around this area and also reasonably far-reaching suburbs there is the “Free Cycle” website people can join and everything (as the name says) is free and also the “Neighbourly” web site in most areas and expanding also has free stuff and wanted free stuff etc. There are recycling […]


Look for freebies when filling up, like a free glass with every $20 fill. I collected a whole cupboard full of glasses this way. When I filled up with $40 worth of petrol I asked for 2 glasses!

L McCall, Canterbury.

I bought a Michael Hill watch quite a few years ago. The best thing about buying their brand is that when your battery goes flat, every couple years, take it in and they put a new one in for free! yes! I have have 2 free batteries so far and the watch is going strong. […]


A Hamilton reader recommends making the most of freebies; free motel shampoo, etc. What she doesn’t use is given to the local woman’s refuge.


Tertiary Training Providers aren’t allowed to make profit. Have brought haircuts, cakes and carpentry made, at cost value.

JB, Whangarei

Looking around our home, I realise most of the furniture is recycled. My husband made the dining table out of planks from his Dad, the chairs don’t match but I painted them all the same. When my mother in law downsized, I painted all the garden furniture which she had no need for. The lounge […]

Mary G, Auckland.

Each week I sneak a few extra free sachets of salt and pepper while frequenting fast food outlets! It soon adds up. (So too does the cost of going to the fast food outlets Mary! – Oily Rag Ed’)

Moyra, Rotorua.

As we drive around the countryside be on the lookout for wild fruit trees such as apple trees…in season blackberries are everywhere…gather and freeze blackberries and cook and freeze apples for pies or sauces. The sealable bag now is much easier than bottling and the food is just as nice frozen. Crabapple and feijoas are […]