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Our kids have great fun making their own yoghurt. They choose their flavour and help in the shaking. It then becomes ‘their’ yoghurt and they consume it with great gusto and remarks about how good it tastes! That means they are eating healthier and we are saving money! What’s even better, last week the supermarket […]

73Avenger, Hastings.

Like yoghurt? I love E***yo Nectarine home made. Buy the pack of yoghurt & also buy bulk skim milk powder. The yoghurt pack contains 225g powder. Make the yoghurt with 112g yoghurt powder & 112g skim milk powder. Taste is same as normal. Cuts fat content by almost 50%.

Katherine, Hamilton.

You can make yoghurt using fresh milk for a fraction of the price of yoghurt powder. Put fresh milk into your yoghurt maker, and add 3 tablespoons of yoghurt powder. You will have to change the water after about 8 hours with hot water from the tap (not boiling) and leave a few more hours. […]

Anyway, Whangarei.

As a family of eight, I find natural yoghurt (even spiced up with some flavours), to be a healthy and economic food source. We use Home brand powdered milk, and two good sized soup spoons from a 6 pack of meadow fresh yoghurt, into the yoghurt maker, and that makes a litre of quite thick […]