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Forgotten cookies

Maureen has his favourite cookie recipe: My ‘go to’ recipe when I have to take something is Forgotten cookies. Basically tiny meringues 180 degrees Beat 2 egg whites and pinch salt until foamy. Gradually add half a cup castor sugar. 1 tsp vanilla Then whatever eg chopped almonds, chopped dark chocolate etc. But for Christmas […]

A Frugal Christmas

So what does the frugal family do with those well-intentioned gifts that are not really wanted or needed? Here are some suggestions: • Sell them and save the money or use it to buy something you do need. • Give them away as a present to someone else – but be careful not to give […]

Easy truffles for Xmas gifts

A Thompson from Christchurch wites, “Easy truffles for Xmas gifts. Use uncooked slice recipes. Roll mixture into balls, then coconut, or melted chocolate. Leave in fridge overnight. They freeze well. Supermarket deli departments have plastic containers you may be able to buy.”

Christmas buying tips

As well as crafting gifts throughout the year, my husband and I also do the ‘op shops (he loves them) throughout the year, but we also start shopping after the current Christmas, at the sales. We then supply of gifts for Christmas birthdays etc. – PB, Auckland.

Xmas gifts

With Xmas approaching We concentrate on gifts for all the children/grandchildren etc. The adults enjoy fine wine, nice food and when it is a get together at one person’s home we each bring a dish. Xmas is mainly for children and enjoying the looks on their faces. – Susan Wood, Christchurch

Lofty, Kapiti Coast.

We have 4 Adult children and to spread the Xmas budget we have a roster that we work on. Year 1 A buys for B. Yr2 A buys for C. Yr3 A buys for D Yr 4. A buys for E. This roster rotates each year so every 5th year it starts again. A MAX […]

Cost-free Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we have ventured into the oily rag archives and dug out some favourite ideas and tips to take the cost out of our special day. The trick of course is to enjoy all of the good things about Christmas and the holiday season, but to do so in a […]

Rosie Dee, Whangarei.

I’m sure regular oily raggers already know this but yesterday I bought two meaty chicken frames from our local mad butcher for $1.98 ($2.50kg) With the addition of some left-over veges, seasoning and a 69c tin crushed tomatoes, 2 cups of mixed dried beans from bin inn – estimated total cost less than $5 I’ve […]

Angela Allan

At Christmas time I always cut circles out of plastic milk bottles and use them as gift tags. They look like bubbles and if you add a little glitter and hole punch and thread ribbon through they are fab! Use a permanent marker for the name.