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Oily Rag Budget 2016

Last week the Government released its Budget, and given that lots of people had lots to say about lots of things, we thought we would report on the Oily Rag Minister of Finance’s Alternative Budget. The first paragraph of that budget speech went like this: “Let us not wallow in the valley of despair. I […]

Natz, Nelson.

I am on a low income and started a coin jar. I only ever took money out for the bus and I just took it to the bank and cashed in (five month later), it turned out to be $309. Just goes to show how quickly it builds up!

Money tips

Pay bills on time and if there is a discount for early repayment then take advantage of it. Don’t get behind on your power and telephone to avoid disconnection and re-connection charges.   Avoid the temptation to buy on tick. This applies especially to motor vehicles, furniture, clothes, holidays and hobbies. It’s bad enough that […]

Peter & Robyn.

I think the only way to prepare for each Xmas is to put some money away each week, fortnight or whatever and try NOT to use it during the year. It makes things so much easier and not so stressful. Buy presents during the year but it this doesn’t happen put a limit on each […]

Sam, Auckland.

Always include some sanity money in your budget as it means you are less likely to spend other money that you need for something else. Get this money out in cash each pay day and when it is gone it is gone – NO SWIPING!


Save all change given to you at shops that is under $1. Our family of three adults has made this a habit. We use an old glass vase and all the 10, 20, and 50 cents pieces get dropped in after each shopping trip. We only dip into it if we need parking meter money. […]

L. Dustin, Oamaru.

When my hubby & I were on a tight budget, we came up with the idea that we would not spend over $29 without receiving the other person’s approval first. We usually gave permission when asked by the other, but it gave us time to think if we really needed the item before getting it…a […]

Tracy Smith

To make budgeting easier for our family, I calculate ALL bills for the year (including car warrants, regos, insurance, rates, power, phone, etc). I then divide the full yearly amount by 52 weeks, and deposit that amount to a bills account. I have all automatic payments and direct debits set up to come out of […]