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Frugal Kiwi from Whakatane has asked for suggestions for finger food. Angela from Whanganui responded with these suggestions, “When I have a big crowd to feed I make burritos. A bit of mince can go a long way if you pad it out with beans and canned tomatoes. I make tortillas myself (they are ridiculously […]

Entertaining oily rag style

Thanks to the readers who responded to the Housing goes up in smoke column. Many expressed the view that cutting down on things like alcohol and cigarettes should be the very first thing to do when money is tight. We agree – it’s the responsible thing for parents to do if the family is struggling […]

Finger food favourite

Frugal Kiwi from Whakatane writes, “I love your oily rag newsletter and books! It is such a peace of mind to leave within our means and very empowering to be resourceful and find ways of getting what we want or need without going into debt. I would like to invite your readers to comment on […]