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Fishy rice

A reader has written in asking for suggestions on how to cook rock cod. It seems they were out fishing the other day and only caught these blighters, so wondered if there is a good way of using them. It’s fair to say that most fishermen are pretty quick to throw them back. However, Diana […]

J.S., Taupo.

I have found that cooked rice in a fish pie will extend the amount without affecting the flavour or texture of it. Adding turmeric powder will give a nice golden colour and is good for you too.

ME, Auckland.

One of my fav’ cheap yummy meals mum makes is eggs and rice: Cut onions into thick slices and cook till translucent, and add scrambled egg mix, salt to taste. Cook on medium so it doesn’t burn and barely stir so you have nice big fluffy scramble. Take off 30 secs to a min before […]