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Bathroom cleaner

Teresa from Auckland writes, “As a bathroom cleaner, I use one bar of sunlight soap and a green foam ‘scratchie’. It sits in my shower and I clean one wall every second day or so. Works a treat.”

Toilet paper

We recently noticed an interesting article about a company making toilet paper out of recycled sugar cane stalks. It said recycled toilet paper is more expensive than the stuff made straight from trees (“because the carbon footprint is huge”) which got us thinking about recycled paper in general and loo paper in particular. So we […]

Dorothy, Whangarei.

Teenagers just love a long hot shower and time passes quickly when you’re having fun. To encourage the family to become more economical with expensive hot water conduct family experiments to agree on the number of minutes needed for a reasonable shower. Place a windup kitchen minute timer on the bathroom window sill. If earning […]

Julia, Melbourne.

Buy the cheapest hair conditioner that you can find. Smother it on dry hair – completely saturate the hair. Then comb through with nit comb, depositing contents on to tissues. Keep combing until no nits or eggs are coming off. Wash thoroughly. A few days later check – by hand for any remaining nits and […]

MEC, Dunedin.

Ladies, wash your face with a warm, wet facecloth. No need for anything besides water and it acts as an exfoliant as well. Save a fortune on fancy cleansers and scrubs, and it’s good for the planet too!