Monthly Archives: October 2014

Money matters

It’s money week so this week we are going to talk about rhubarb (just kidding)… we are going to talk about how to put more of your money into your pocket and less into someone else’s.   Living off the smell of an oily rag means different things to different people. For some it’s about […]

From face cleaners to pot plants

The mail bags are full again. This week the tips range from a “feel-like-Cleopatra” face cleaner to a way of keeping your pot plants well watered!   Marie from Rotorua has this tip about face cleaner. “The best face cleaner you can get is ground almonds – from the bulk foods section at Pak ‘N […]

Dentures & kitchen tips

This week we have some replies to a reader’s question, and lots of yummy kitchen tips.   Graeme asked. “I have false teeth and am looking for an alternative to paying $7 at the supermarket for denture cleaning tablets.” Well, there was no shortage of suggestions from frugal followers – Graeme is obviously not alone […]