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Glycerine cleaner?

PAL from Christchurch is asking for help. “Many years ago I recall a mixture I made up and wiped over clean windows. This helped prevent condensation from forming on them. I have asked several friends and they seem to think I may have dreamed it. But not at all. I recall making this mixture up […]

White vinegar

Alice from Putaruru writes, “White vinegar is my cleaner of choice for the whole house: windows, bath, shower, anywhere and everywhere”.

Whiteboards, cleaning

PHS from Fielding has this suggestion to remove permanent marker from whiteboards. “To get vivid permanent marker off surfaces, use Lynx deodorant spray.” We are pleased to say it works and smells good too! Perhaps others can see if it works for all deodorant brands.

Sugar soap

Karen from Palmerston North has this recipe for a homemade alternative to commercial sugar soap for wall cleaning. You need: 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 1/2 cup of laundry detergent (unscented is better), 1/2 cup sugar, and 1.9 litres hot water. Mix ingredients well then apply to walls with a sponge, terry cloth (which is […]

Mischief52, Inglewood, Taranaki.

Instead of buying fabric softener, make your own by using white vinegar and your favourite essential oil. Mix altogether and use about 1 tbsp in the compartment of your washing machine. You can’t smell the vinegar but the clothes are softer and have a nice smell to them.