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Cleaning tips

Gaynora from Kapiti has a number of cleaning tips including using cardboard wine boxes for lining under-bench rubbish bins. Gaynora also has this idea for cleaning cloths: “Instead of buying cleaning cloths for specific tasks, cut up old tee shirts and use different colours for different tasks. Lubricate with white vinegar for hygiene. Use with […]

Bathroom cleaner

Teresa from Auckland writes, “As a bathroom cleaner, I use one bar of sunlight soap and a green foam ‘scratchie’. It sits in my shower and I clean one wall every second day or so. Works a treat.”

DIY cleaning cloths

Gaynora from Kapiti writes, “I’m shocked re the number of disposable cleaning cloths in supermarkets. I cut up old tee shirts etc; use & reuse them. I can still have different colours for different tasks.”

Glycerine cleaner?

PAL from Christchurch is asking for help. “Many years ago I recall a mixture I made up and wiped over clean windows. This helped prevent condensation from forming on them. I have asked several friends and they seem to think I may have dreamed it. But not at all. I recall making this mixture up […]

White vinegar

Alice from Putaruru writes, “White vinegar is my cleaner of choice for the whole house: windows, bath, shower, anywhere and everywhere”.