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Dehydrating Greens

Josephine from Otorohanga writes, “Dehydrating Greens. I removed the centre stalks of red cabbage HUGE TOUGH outer leaves which had NOT been sprayed.I dried them for hours in the oven on a low heat (expensive?). Next I did kale on a cake rack in the electric fry pan squashed under the high lid on the […]


Dutchapple from Waiomu [Coromandel] has this tip. When doing relish and putting hot relish in sterilised jars, to stop them from cracking place a knife in it help release air.

Fuel tax

Low petrol prices is good news for frugal motorists, but an oily ragger has asked why, given the collapse in crude prices, petrol pump prices are not a lot lower. The answer is actually quite simple. At US$27 a barrel, crude oil prices are at their lowest level since 2003, and a long way from […]

Tomato lover

Tomato lover has sent in this tip for using dried tomatoes. “To make sun-dried tomato hummus, cheaper than store bought, make a basic hummus recipe and add 5-6 chopped sun-dried tomatoes, with some of the oil from the jar. Whip up into a creamy delicious hummus mix in the food processor.”

Mean Girl, Hastings.

I was given a catering size can of pulped tomatoes, so decided to make ketchup, using a tried and tested recipe. All went well and I found plenty of containers to store it in. The problem came a couple of months later when I opened one of the large bottles to fill up the table […]

Preserving the summer harvest

Summer is the time to fill your pantry shelves and freezer with food to last you through to the next growing season. It’s a matter of dollars and sense for the frugal family because fruit and vegetables are cheapest when they are abundant – and serious savers will be making the most of the opportunity! […]