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Mrs. Valuable Forthright Opinions, Near Canterbury, UK

The top bits of solar garden lights make very good small reading lights and torches. I bought two large jar things with solar lids recently, wanting to explore their use for indoor lighting. For this purpose, I found them quite useless as they are too dark and cast a depressing light. However experimentations showed that […]


To keep roasted coffee beans and grounds fresh after opening the packet, store in an air tight container (glass or ceramic) and store in the freezer.


When making percolated coffee brew coffee twice by leaving the coffee beans in the filter and refilling water dispenser. Coffee is a little weaker but it goes twice as far.

Peter Cox, North Shore City.

Make your own delicious flat white coffee for 20 cents max. To make a large cup (300mm), put the following into a measuring jug. Generous teaspoon of instant coffee. Sugar/sweetener to taste. Small pinch of salt. Half teaspoon cornflour. Three teaspoons of powdered milk. Enough water to mix the above together, or use milk instead […]

Heather R, Omokoroa.

Here’s a great ginger beer recipe. Makes 3 x 1.5 litre plastic screw cap bottles or similar can be stretched further if you like. You will need: 2 cups sugar 1 tblsp ground ginger 1 tspn tartaric acid (flavour enhancer) squeeze lemon juice 1 tsp granulated yeast Melt all except the yeast in 6 cups […]

Margs, North Taieri.

I have been using this for some months now. My hair didn’t need to “adjust” and I just mix the baking soda in a little warm water and add the white vinegar neat after rinsing the baking soda off with water- seems to work very well and saves heaps on shampoos and conditioners!

Janis M, East Providence.

My daughter turned me on to a real gem! We use one to two tablespoons of baking soda in some warm water to shampoo our hair. We use it almost as a paste. Just massage it gently through your hair and scalp and then rinse with apple cider vinegar, distilled white vinegar or lemon juice. […]

Jean B, Nelson.

Throw away your shampoo and conditioner! All your hair needs is a daily sluice with warm water while you have your shower. Before you do this give your hair a good “head down” brushing. It is almost a year since my hair was shampooed, and it is softer and silkier than it ever was. Also, […]

Alice, Christchurch

I am 60 and my red hair is loosing its colour with some grey coming through. I buy cheap Henna powder at the Trade Aid shop and make a paste with a heaped table spoon. I wash my hair normally and use the paste as a conditioner. I leave it in for a few minutes […]