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Fashionable frugal furniture

Christmas is near, but never fear, oily rag readers have something to share. Susan from Christchurch writes, “With Xmas approaching, we concentrate on gifts for all the children and grandchildren. The adults enjoy fine wine, nice food and when it is a get together at one person’s home we each bring a dish. Xmas is […]

Free kitchen

An oily ragger has been in touch recently to tell us how they ended up with a free kitchen. In fact, it was better than a free kitchen. The young couple had bought an older style house and was in the process of doing it up as they could afford it, including the kitchen. Now […]

Diana, Whakatane.

I make my own postcards using a collage option (Picasa have one, as do most editing programmes). e.g. I did one using various shots of young grandsons whilst they were here on holiday – printed it at one of the stores for next to nothing…eh voila a personal postcard. Probably cost less than the stamp!


Don’t throw away old candles. Melt them down in a saucepan. When wax is melted pour into tins (you can save old tins for this), to which a piece of candle wick has been added. Then allow to dry.

JB, Whangarei.

Looking around our home, I realise most of the furniture is recycled. My husband made the dining table out of planks from his Dad, the chairs don’t match but I painted them all the same. When my mother in law downsized, I painted all the garden furniture which she had no need for. The lounge […]

Natz, Nelson.

If you want original looking furniture go to hospice/opp shops or look in the local paper (buy/sell/trade) and buy cheap furniture take it home, sand it down and paint it whatever colour/s you want. It’s cheap and gives you a hobby while furnishing your home with the colours you want.


Tired of looking at the same wallpaper? Then paint over it. If you want a textured finish, buy some cheap Hessian, paste it in the walls and paint over it.