Monthly Archives: June 2015

Winter warmth

While the country was coated in ice like a wedding cake we got thinking about ways to keep warm in winter – without having to go on holiday to a tropical island! Some people say there’s nothing like a good hot cup of tea to warm you up, but that got us thinking about meals […]

Margaret, Invercargill.

  To relieve achs and pains or to remove toxins from the body put one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of epsom salts into bath water and soak. This really works.  

LS, Christchurch.

Washing windows, get one piece of wet newspaper scrunched up into a loose ball and wipe all over the area of window, rubbing over dirt until it moves then wipe over with a piece of dry newspaper scrunched into a loose ball until the area is dry and clear of marks.

Honey, Christchurch.

To remove a stain from vinyl flooring (wine, curry, etc) soak a small piece of white cloth in one part bleach to three parts water. Place the cloth on top of stain, and leave for one hour (no longer or it may discolour the vinyl). You may have to do this a few times until […]

Bev, Auckland.

You don’t have to look specifically for products labelled “distilled vinegar” (distilled vinegar is a clear vinegar, too strong and bitter for cooking but excellent for cleaning glass and as a disinfectant).  As a substitute, you can use white vinegar instead – it will do the same job.  White vinegar, is readily available at most […]

Peg, Palmerston North.

I use white vinegar for all my cleaning, pure in toilet, a dash of detergent/janola/water for very grubby spots.  Great for windows, use in spray bottle.  Ovens, white vinegar,  juice of a lemon, another dash of Janola and detergent. USE GLOVES.  Leave for several hours. And its CHEAP. I take an empty 2lt milk bottle […]