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I enter all the competitions that come my way. Have won several nice things, some I keep, other given as presents.i try the no unnecessary spending from one pension day to the next but something always crops up!!! – Maureen

Money wise measures

Let’s face it – sometimes we make life hard for ourselves because of bad money habits. But there are actually lots of simple things we can do to get our finances in good order. Here are some suggestions. Pay yourself first! The general rule is 10% of everything that comes into your bank account should […]

Christmas buying tips

As well as crafting gifts throughout the year, my husband and I also do the ‘op shops (he loves them) throughout the year, but we also start shopping after the current Christmas, at the sales. We then supply of gifts for Christmas birthdays etc. – PB, Auckland.

Xmas gifts

With Xmas approaching We concentrate on gifts for all the children/grandchildren etc. The adults enjoy fine wine, nice food and when it is a get together at one person’s home we each bring a dish. Xmas is mainly for children and enjoying the looks on their faces. – Susan Wood, Christchurch

Silly season about to grip the nation

It does not seem possible, but Christmas is almost here. Oily rag households will be busy getting jobs done before the silly season arrives and all sense and sensibility is abandoned completely. This week we look at some favourite tips from previous years to inspire creative ways to take the cost out of Christmas but […]

More butter substitutes

Last week Laura from Paeroa had a question for readers. “I would like to do some baking but with butter so expensive at the moment I would like recipes that use oil instead. Can you replace butter with oil? ” Andie from Christchurch says yes – essentially the conversion ratio is 1 part butter to […]

Butter substitutes

Andrea writes, “Margarine can replace butter in just about every recipe, which makes it cheaper. It can be used in recipes where the butter is melted or softened or creamed. I’ve used it in scones, biscuits, slices, cakes, muffins and everything, really. Oil can replace butter in recipes where the butter is melted, but it […]


DJ from Whangarei writes, “There is a movement called Time Banking. There are TimeBanks set up around the country. You might pay a small joining fee then list your skills, connect with others and request help on things and offer help to others in return. Everyone’s time is equal.” This is what Time Bank says […]