DJ from Whangarei writes, “There is a movement called Time Banking. There are TimeBanks set up around the country. You might pay a small joining fee then list your skills, connect with others and request help on things and offer help to others in return. Everyone’s time is equal.”

This is what Time Bank says on their website (timebanks.nz): “TimeBanking is a way of trading skills in a community. It facilitates the sharing of skills between its members, both individuals and organisations. TimeBanking activity is measured by the time it takes to complete a piece of work. It’s a kind of money, a complimentary currency…Time Credits are used as payment, not money. You earn time credits for the work you do, and then use those credits to ‘buy’ another member’s time to get the services you need – from any member of the TimeBank, not necessarily the member you helped. The member you kindly assisted may not have the skills that you need…Everyone’s Time is Equal – no matter what type of work is undertaken, one hour always equals one time credit. 1 = 1. It really is that simple…we all have something to offer. Every person and every skill is equally valued.”

According to their website, there are 14 TimeBank organisations in the North Island and 15 in the South Island.

It’s a nice way to give time to others, and receive their time in return.

Many thanks to DJ for sharing the information.