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Bitter Brussel sprouts

Last week I brought some Brussel sprouts that were really bitter so put a teaspoon of golden syrup in with them made them really sweet. Sugar did not work on these ones as they were really bitter. Cheers. Doug.

New Zealand spinach

BT from Rotorua asks: “Regarding your article on NZ native spinach, can this be used raw in a salad, or does it have to be cooked? I like spinach in my green salads.” It can be used in the same way one would use spinach. Some people recommend boiling the leaves for two to three minutes […]

Jerusalem Artichokes

A reader has written in about Jerusalem Artichokes. “They are vigorous and easy to grow. When they flower, they look like a sunflower and are as tall, but the edible part is the root tuber, which is harvested when the flowers wilt and the plant starts to die. To harvest, the plant needs to be […]

Marvellous marrow

JB from Whangarei has written in response to last week’s column about shopping smarter. “There are many different market places now other than shops and online. Think food cooperatives, farmers market and many innovative local food initiatives. Look up the nearest Transition Town or Localising Food Project to support local growers and cut out the […]