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Pizza pandemonium

Pizza has recently been a prime topic of political debate! It seems to have started when the Labour Party’s Leader and new Deputy Leader revealed that they chatted about pizza toppings, with the Leader disclosing that he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza because he thinks it makes the base go soggy. Madam Deputy Leader agreed […]

Last resort lenders and money sense

Living a frugal lifestyle has a lot of advantages, including being a great way to take control of your finances, and avoid costly debt. Unfortunately not all people are in control of their finances, which makes them vulnerable to lenders of last resort. Falling into that category, are what are known as ‘payday’ loans. These […]

Perrrrrfect bread

Bread is so easy to make, and so versatile in that you can start with the basics and add any number of variations to suit your taste and budget. Here’s a simple, failsafe bread recipe (well, almost failsafe!). To make two loaves you need: 5 cups flour, 2 teaspoons salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 teaspoons […]

Oily Rag tips – from mice to holidays in Europe!

Last week we wrote about Uber and Airbnb and how these “disruptors” were providing money-saving and money-making opportunities. Fiona from the UK has written to us to say that booking holiday accommodation via Airbnb has certainly saved her money. “Here in Europe Airbnb is definitely cheaper. I have just booked nine nights in a lovely […]

Frugal disruption

Uber is one of the new breed of companies known as a “disrupter”. These are businesses that are so innovative that they seriously threaten the viability of an established industry. For those that don’t know, Uber is like a taxi service, but it differs from traditional taxi companies in a number of ways. Most significantly, […]

WW2 frugality

J.S. of Auckland asks, “I remember hearing of an old WW2 recipe to bulk out butter to make it go further. Does anyone have a copy of that recipe to share? It would be very handy as the price of butter is now getting out of hand.” To find the answer we consulted an expert, […]

Tips and cleaners

Thrifty from Christchurch writes, “To get a head start on winter, I started collecting pine cones in December from local parks and public places where there are pine trees. The best time to go collecting is after a Northwester, as hundreds of cones are blown off the trees. I have 12 large sackfuls so far […]

Marvellous marrow

JB from Whangarei has written in response to last week’s column about shopping smarter. “There are many different market places now other than shops and online. Think food cooperatives, farmers market and many innovative local food initiatives. Look up the nearest Transition Town or Localising Food Project to support local growers and cut out the […]