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Here are my ideas, some of which we used, and others which I now realise would have been a good idea: • Get married in summer. The weather will probably be nice enough to get married in the great free outdoors. You will also need less material in the brides dress as it won’t need […]

Mean Girl, Hastings.

Here are some tips about weddings. Invitations – Use a photo of the engaged couple and the invitation information printed on top. This can be done very cheaply on most instant digital photo machines. Some machines even have a really nice template to use. Guest gifts – Google images for a party favour box. Choose […]

Butterflywings, Mangere.

When my husband and I were Married in 2001, it was the second time around for both of us. The actual wedding cost less than $200, and we did not skimp on anything. There were no church fees as we were members of the church, and we used the floral display which were in place […]

G.C., Christchurch.

Look at local Council venues for the wedding – halls, gardens and council buildings. They are much more reasonably priced than particular wedding venues as they are there for the community to use and some of them are gorgeous. There is heaps of info on the Christchurch City Council website about booking council space for […]


We had the best value wedding ever. We went down to the registry office during lunchtime, paid the fee (which was about $60 at the time), read the statutory vows, and signed on the dotted line. We didn’t even have any witnesses so a couple of the court staff did that for us. That was […]


Getting married at a registry office would, at first glance, seem to be the cheapest idea but we discovered the benefits of inviting heaps of guests – heaps of wedding presents. Although we didn’t have a totally oily rag affair, we made tremendous savings in some areas which are usually very costly, and the value […]

W.G, Waimauku.

My husband and I have been oily raggers for years. When we got married, we had a fabulous, old fashioned country wedding. We got married in the gorgeous garden of one of our local craft stores and walked to the reception at our local hall. When our friends and family asked what we would like […]

P.B., Auckland.

When my husband and I were married 13 years ago, (2nd time round), when we sent out the invitations we put on the bottom BYO gents, ladies a plate (starter, main or desert). This was a huge success, with guests saying that it was the best wedding that that they had been to!