Butterflywings, Mangere.

When my husband and I were Married in 2001, it was the second time around for both of us. The actual wedding cost less than $200, and we did not skimp on anything. There were no church fees as we were members of the church, and we used the floral display which were in place for the following day’s service.

I made pew end decorations from silk flowers and ribbon, and I made my own dress, and my young grand daughter’s flower girl dress, and my husband wore his St John Dress uniform. We used a music tape for the wedding music, and a friend sang. The photos were taken by a friend and given to us as a wedding present.

The reception in the evening was in the church hall, which also did not cost anything, and we asked ‘ladies a plate’, and BYO on the invitations, suggesting that the people supplied either a starter, main or desert, and my son in law was in charge of the music department with a stereo which was set up in the hall.

The wedding car was an ambulance, driven by one of the guests. St John was where we met, he was a paramedic, now retired, and I was a first responder, also now retired. everyone said that it was the best wedding that they had been to, and everyone was so relaxed.