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I have a lot of soap pieces that I keep during the year. I render them down in an old pot, when it’s a bit cooler add petals from your garden, even pieces of orange peel,apple peel, lavender flowers,even use your old perfume. Use cookie cutters [$2 shop] stand on waxed paper, and tip the […]

Soap making yarn

Dad had one of his bright ideas. The idea wasn’t original, but it was for Dad – he didn’t have bright ideas very often! Off to the local library he went. Back he came with an Aunt Daisy soap-making recipe. As proud as a peacock at a garden party, he said he was going to […]

Pearson’s Sandsoap

Dot asks: “Does anyone know where (or if) ‘Pearson’s Sandsoap’ is available? I have the remains of my last bar and it beats all the fancy new bottled cleaners.” Oily Rag Ed': J Pearson, a relative of the inventor, has sent us this fabulous reply. “In answer to Dot- Pearson’s sandsoap has not been available […]

Margs, North Taieri.

Recycled Soap Slivers. Collect all leftover soap slivers and grate them on the grater. Any colour is fine. Put them in a bowl, added a little water, and mash them all together. Form a whole new bar with the shavings and let them dry a few days before using them again. Saves heaps. I make […]

SJG, Blenheim.

A great way to save money and avoid Sodium Laureth Sulfate (for the health conscious!) is to make your own hand soap and dish washing liquid. This is extremely easy! Take one bar of scented soap (or plain if you prefer), grate to a powder on your kitchen grater / lemon zester, and add 4 […]

Ray Manicaros, Tauranga.

When your soap is too small to use don’t throw it out. Save it in a dish and when you have what you think is enough finely cut up the pieces. Place the prices into an old saucepan and add water. Boil it up and stir it about then pour into blocks and let it […]

Barb, Ashburton.

When my kids were little I sewed up flannels (facecloths) to make a square pocket with velcro along the top side. All the small scraps of soap went in to these pockets the kids used these to wash. no more nagging about leaving the soap in the water etc.