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TS from Whangarei has a tip for business travellers  “I read your article in the Northern Advocate and wanted to add a tip for business travellers – to utilise Airbnb and even Bookabach for more affordable accommodation than motels. We provide a self-contained flat in Whangarei on these platforms that is available for 1 or […]

Wound up about a spring washer.

A reader recently wrote to us all wound up about the cost of a spring washer. The problem was that he was being charged $6 for a washer on a mower repair job and he was not at all happy about it – especially when he checked out the price elsewhere and found another company […]

Bob, Nelson.

I discovered mailchimp the other day. It’s an email newsletter system that’s free if you have less than 1500 on your email list. It’s great for clubs and small businesses. [The website is]  


Some friends have parked their car in Auckland at Park N Fly ( for $5 a day. Air NZ had a free car parking deal for those flying to Australia. (Some motels in the airport area offer unlimited free car parking and airport transfers for those staying a minimum of one night – that’s a […]


I bought a huge number of envelopes on Trademe for $10.50 (including postage). The normal retail was $250! That means $240 added straight onto the bottom line!

C.K., Christchurch.

If you have a computer and use the internet – check out how many hours a month you have used over the last year.  You may be paying for too many. This is what happened to us – we were paying for 250 hours with one of the major ISP’S and we now have gone […]


I have an ink jet printer. The cost of buying a new printer cartridge is an outrage, about $100. After years of paying exorbitant prices for new cartridges I found a place that re-inks them at a cost of only $35. It has already saved me hundreds of dollars.


I have introduced an oily rag mentality throughout my business. Everyone in the business has benefited. I have shared the rewards with staff so they are now being paid more and the business is more profitable so their jobs are more secure, and I am doing better too. It’s a win-win.

Running a business off the smell of an oily rag

Businesses are just as bad, no – probably worse, than the rest of us when it comes to wasting money. Well, here is your chance to change all that. Accommodation If staying in a Motel be sure to ask for their corporate rate – it’s a lot cheaper than the list rate. As long as […]