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Lorraine, Hamilton.

Buying a Mac. Apple recently stopped doing updates for the operating system my old MacBook came with, but they give you a free upgrade to their latest system. I’m barely computer literate, but all I had to do was hit a download button and check for updates. I use the firewall it came with and […]

Bob, Nelson.

I discovered mailchimp the other day. It’s an email newsletter system that’s free if you have less than 1500 on your email list. It’s great for clubs and small businesses. [The website is]  

LM, Kapiti Coast.

Most mobile phones are expensive. I highly recommend skinny mobile or Te lecom for those who 100% need a mobile phone but can’t afford the other types of phone. You can put money away in a loose-change jar and use it to top-up the phone.

Canny Scot, Christchurch.

If you have a computer you really should download Skype which is free. Skype to Skype user calls are always free but even to a land line the cost is a few cents only and I am talking about overseas calls. I have not paid a toll call on my landline for years and my […]

J Chen, Auckland.

I call my son who is studying in California in the USA using prepaid phone cards. They are a great way to save on calls, plus when I buy them online and save 15%. I pay with PayPal which is safe as I am not to sure about giving my credit card details on the […]

Sandra, Dunedin.

Don’t throw away that old multi-plug board. Chop the cord off it and hang it on the wall. Plug all your phone chargers into it. We tried this after numerous hunts for the right phone charger was becoming a daily event for different members of the family. Now they are labelled and found in one […]

The latest IT

Looking for stereo or computer? The worst thing you can do is buy the latest technology. It’s invariably expensive, even if it is on special. One of the worst things you can do when living off the smell of an oily rag is to be a technology junkie – its hellishly expensive. – Oily Rag […]

C.K., Christchurch.

If you have a computer and use the internet – check out how many hours a month you have used over the last year. You may be paying for too many. This is what happened to us – we were paying for 250 hours with one of the major ISP’S and we now have gone […]

Jeff Cameron, Te Awamutu.

Don’t spend heaps on anti virus software! Avast antivirus offer a free version that gives protection as good as the top brands but no yearly renewal fee. Just Google avast and make sure you choose the free version.