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Hot water

Fonafrend from Lawrence in South Otago writes, Hot Water – I save hot water in a thermos pump for jobs like cleaning teeth, warm water for bread making, boiling the jug quickly etc. When I do boil the jug I put the leftovers in my pump. Also always have at least 2 kettles on the […]

Straw box cooker

Butterfly Lady from Blockhouse Bay writes, “Slow cookers are a great way of cooking casseroles/stews but who can afford to buy one? Try making your own slow cooker… it’s called a straw box. I use a strong carton or a chilly bin, which I pad with towels (or any clean insulation fabric/paper), one folded neatly […]

Peeter, Auckland.

As a man living alone I can do what I like, which can have oily rag advantages. I just got my water bill and it tells me that my usage is way below the average for someone in my circumstances. Reasons? I never use the bath; just have a quick shower every other day. I […]

Kate, Hawera.

Regarding the hot water cylinders, your cyclinder should reach 60 degrees C EVERY day to kill any legionaire bacteria that thrive in lower temperatures. Two people in NZ have caught legionella recently, a respiratory infection, from the water in their cylinders not being hot enough, one had to have her feet amputated. The temperature of […]

Hot water clyinder, health risk

The Hawke’s Bay District Health is warning people against turning down their hot water cylinders to save money after two people contracted Legionnaires disease from water in their own homes. Here are some key points for a media report about the matter. – The most common sources of Legionella are hot water cylinders and garden […]


The disadvantage with bubble wrap is that you won’t be able to open the window. I had three windows I wanted to insulate but also open. They are aluminium windows, so at first I thought I’d just stick my plastic (not bubble wrap, but I’ll get to that later) to the frame of the window, […]