Appealing porridge

Caron from the Waikato has this tip,

Someone asked how to make porridge more appealing. If you think out of the box you can add all sorts of goodies to your porridge. I use my elderly father’s method: before bedtime, in a medium sized Pyrex bowl measure in rolled oats, an equal measure of milk ( you can use almond milk etc) and a small amount of dried fruit eg chopped dried apricots, or sultanas or prunes. I also add a few pumpkin & sunflower seeds. Cover and in the morning add another measure of boiling water and microwave for 1 minute, stir and microwave for another minute. I top mine with a tablespoon of wheat germ, or LSA, or bran. Lately, I have also added grated fresh ginger & turmeric plus a spoon of good olive oil as I’m combating inflammation. I eat out of the bowl it was cooked in, then that is easily rinsed clean in cold water. – Much easier than washing a porridge pot.
Or you can make Bircher muesli from oatmeal soaked overnight in apple juice, milk, or nut milk, & refrigerate. In the morning stir in half a grated apple and some natural yoghurt, & maybe a little maple syrup.