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Lorretta from Auckland suggests a couple of websites to have a look at: for budgeting advice. for benefit entitlements.  

Mean on clean

Lorraine from Hamilton writes Now that I’m unemployed I’ve become the queen of mean. I spend lightly over $10 p.a. on cleaning products plus dishwashing liquid (single use). This is how I do it: Cleaning Products p.a. $3.00 2L bleach $2.40 homemade laundry liquid (@ .04c per wash x 60 washes p.a.) $2.00 2 x […]

Making peanut butter

Karen from Waikato writes, I was dismayed to see that Pics peanut butter was $6 at the local supermarket so I decided to buy blanched peanuts and I cooked them in the oven with a little oil until lightly brown then popped them into the small bowl that came with my blender stick and a […]


Lorraine from Hamilton writes, I was given a battery charger with rechargeable batteries as a gift recently and thought how convenient I don’t have to buy batteries each month anymore. Then I did the sums – $5.59 spent on 2 AAA batteries per month x 12 months = $67.08 ($65 is a week of food […]