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Generic gift

Yvette from Australia says, Generic gift: purchase 4 plastic key tags in different bright colours and label simply ‘car’ ‘house’ ‘shed’ ‘mailbox’ etc and give for keys and spares with a snap lock carabiner for keeping them all together and to hang up. A key detector could be attached, I used to have one that […]

The perfect gift

Polly from Auckland has this tip, The perfect gift for those you find difficult to buy for would be a cotton or canvas shopping bag as plastic bags are being phased out at supermarkets.

Have a Happy Frugal Christmas!

Don’t know about you, but as we tear November from the wall calendar, a sense of foreboding sets in – December: Christmas only weeks away! Frugality often requires planning, and three weeks or so doesn’t seem like enough time. Never fear, oily rag suggestions are near! Here are some ideas for a great frugal Christmas. […]

A Frugal Christmas

So what does the frugal family do with those well-intentioned gifts that are not really wanted or needed? Here are some suggestions: • Sell them and save the money or use it to buy something you do need. • Give them away as a present to someone else – but be careful not to give […]


J from Whangarei writes, “Instead of buying a Piñata for a kid’s birthday, we made one. It’s easy. Coat an inflated balloon with paper mache, with the final coat being white paper. Leave an area at the bottom large enough to put goodies in. When dry pop the balloon and attach a string to the top. […]

Lofty, Kapiti Coast.

We have 4 Adult children and to spread the Xmas budget we have a roster that we work on. Year 1 A buys for B. Yr2 A buys for C. Yr3 A buys for D Yr 4. A buys for E. This roster rotates each year so every 5th year it starts again. A MAX […]


This year I was on a very tight budget so this year I decided to give a jewel I no longer wear as a Christmas gift. I made a pretty gift bag for it. I get most of my gifts from the dollar store like coin save or variety plus shops.

F.L., Auckland.

Cut the back off previous years cards and fold the front in half to make gift tags. This works best with patterned cards rather than a complete picture.