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Baked beans

Kool.kats from Dunedin writes, When I open a large tin of baked beans I transfer any leftovers into a recycled jam jar and keep it in the fridge to add to my lunchtime soup. It adds protein without too many calories.

S.J., Dunedin.

When we have a surplus of ‘baked beans’ I make Tacos. Ingredients: 500gms mince 2 onions. Oil Tomato sauce Chilli Powder Fresh tomatoes 2 tins baked beans. Grated cheese Lettuce Spring Onions Bean sprouts Taco shells or tortillas Brown mince in a little oil. Add chopped onions and cook until onions are transparent. Add about […]

M.A., Hokitika.

Make a yummy toasted sandwich variation…tortilla wrapped baked beans and grated cheese parcels. Looked in the cupboard for something quick and easy the other night and saw baked beans, but felt bad about serving just that…saw the tortillas and well that was it. The kids LOVED them! Just be sure to wrap edges so you […]

Linda Mitchell, Te Puke.

We empty a tube of sausage meat and a finely chopped onion into a glass dish, squish together, then microwave until cooked. Add tin of baked beans and spread over, then cover with mashed potato and a sprinkle of grated cheese. Grill until brown.

Kevan, Kaiwaka.

As one with celiac disease, I use half a tin of baked beans into which I put two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, 2 of sesame seeds, 2 of ground linseed and 2 of sunflower seeds. Add a little water. Place on toast. Makes a delicious breakfast. I you have celiac disease, make sure beans have […]

BW, Auckland.

This recipe is quick and easy to make and is yummy too. It serves 2 but for 4 people, just double the ingredients. You will need: half a regular can of baked beans, 2 to 3 sausages, sliced thinly 1/2 bell pepper, diced (you could use 1/4 red pepper and 1/4 green pepper for added […]

Anonymous, Rotorua.

Hurry Curry Beans recipe. You will need an onion, some cooking oil, 1 tablespoon of cheap brand curry, 500g mince, 2 cans of baked beans (house brand or on special), cooked rice, and green beans. Fry up onions with oil and curry till clear. Add the mince and fry until brown. Simmer for 15 minutes. […]

Kevan, Kaiwaka.

Try half a can of baked beans and stir in two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, two tablespoons of ground (not crushed) linseeds, two tablespoons of sunflower seeds and two tablespoons of sesame seeds. Serve on toast. Purchase seeds at the Bin Inn, which I find are the cheapest.