S.J., Dunedin.

When we have a surplus of ‘baked beans’ I make Tacos. Ingredients:

500gms mince 2 onions.
Oil Tomato sauce
Chilli Powder Fresh tomatoes
2 tins baked beans. Grated cheese
Lettuce Spring Onions
Bean sprouts Taco shells or tortillas
Brown mince in a little oil. Add chopped onions and cook until onions are transparent. Add about 1 tsp chilli powder or less if you don’t like hot tacos Wash most of the sauce off the baked beans and add to mince mix. Now use enough tomato sauce to make mix moist. This is usually about 1 cup. Add fresh chopped tomatoes and cook through. Serve in taco shells with bean sprouts, spring onions and lettuce, topped with grated cheese. Reinvent recipe to suit your own tastes.