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Slugs & snails

Trish from Tauranga says, “To keep slugs and snails away from newly planted seedlings, just make a small flat container out of tin foil and put 3 or 4 slices of cucumber on it. The cucumber and tin foil together seem to give off an unnoticed smell which slugs and snails don’t like. I put […]

Mouse trap

Tony from Blenheim has this suggestion for a bait free mouse trap! “Tired of using up all the peanut butter to catch that pesky mouse? Here’s how to do it cleanly without bait. Mice always avoid open spaces if they can – they prefer to run alongside the skirting board. We can use this trait […]

Pest control

A reader from Northland says he collects roadkill for use in predator traps on his property. We like that idea – dead pests being used to catch live pests so the good wildlife can survive. If his traps are fully baited he digs the remains into his garden to become blood and bone fertiliser. Still […]


I was pleased to find a slug and snail product in his local garden centre that is safe for pets and wildlife. I have never used a slug and snail bait because I have been worried about poisoning bird life, but now I can blitz the blighters worry-free.


A good tip for preventing slugs and snails getting seedlings is to use broken eggshells – also pine needles if you have them.

Cats poo!

Denise from Auckland has one of those common questions, you could say its a pet hate for many. “Can anyone give me a tip that works. I am so fed up of cats fouling around my home its got ridiculous its everywhere, deck, roof and under caravan under cars front door under windows. I am […]

SWOT team

To combat pesky flies around the home, use sticky ozone-friendly flypaper, not sprays, or take up arms – and form a fly swot SWOT team. Engage in combat with those pesky flys.