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  • Oily Rag Ed' says:

    Here are a number of things to try.

    Use an insecticidal oil like Conqueror. Give the infected leaves a good coverage, including the undersides where the little blighters are most likely to be. Whitefly are late risers and go to bed early so apply early in the morning or in the evening when they tucked up in bed.

    Use a small vacuum cleaner to such them up – like the hand ones used to clean a car.

    Wash them off with a hose. Repeat every week or so. So when you are watering the garden, check the leaves.

    Some plants attract natural predictors of whitefly. Try nasturtiums (which also have edible flowers so it’s a double win).

    Some people set a sticky trap for them. Use a mix of equal parts of petroleum jelly and dishwashing detergent. Spread it on a bright flat surface which attracts the fly.

    Blast whiteflies from leaf undersides with a strong jet of water. Then apply a weak solution of insecticidal soap, preferably late in the afternoon. Repeat after one week.

    A small vacuum is the best way to remove whiteflies from plants because it will remove both nymphs and larvae. If you have chickens, allow them to peck through infested plant foliage before you compost it.

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