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Alternative to coffee

Essie from Auckland writes, Coffee. To save money, and for health, I dig up, wash and dry a few dandelion roots when they get in the way in the garden. When using the oven for something else, I pop the roots in for about 10 min’s all up to get them to dark brown colour. […]

Chai Tea

Jan from Deniliqin in Australia has a question. “Hopeful of obtaining a recipe for Chai Tea [not to be confused with Tai Chi! – Oily Rag Ed] as now that I’m a Pensioner. I find Liptons box of 6 sachets expensive. Thanks in advance, sunshine smiles to all from ‘down under’.


If making tea for more than one person use a tea pot. You won’t need the equivalent of one tea-bag per person.

Oily Rag Ed’

He’s a way to save while having a cuppa tea. Loose tea is cheaper than tea bags, but even those spendthrifts who use tea bags can save by using it over and over and over again (although I must admit that by the fourth time the tea is getting a bit weak – but think […]

R’laine, Kawerau

For a refreshing fruit iced tea you will need: 5 teabags (either black or green – I like the Twinings Green Tea with Cranberry), 1 litre (approx) boiling water, 2 litres cold water, 1 cordial sachet with the flavour of your choice (Apple Berry, Raspberry, Crisp Apple or Peach are nice ones for this) with […]

R’laine, Kawerau

With lemons being plentiful on my tree I came up with a refreshing summer drink. For each litre of water you need the juice of 3 lemons and around 3 tablespoons of sugar. Strain the juice to remove seeds. Heat juice and sugar in the microwave for a few seconds – to make the sugar […]

P.L., Hamilton

If you have a lemon verbena bush growing, it makes a lovely summer drink. Just shove as many leaves/branches (I don’t strip the leaves off) as you can into a jug and fill with water. Put it in the fridge and strain to drink.