Chai Tea

Jan from Deniliqin in Australia has a question. “Hopeful of obtaining a recipe for Chai Tea [not to be confused with Tai Chi! – Oily Rag Ed] as now that I’m a Pensioner. I find Liptons box of 6 sachets expensive. Thanks in advance, sunshine smiles to all from ‘down under’.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Jan,
    Probably you’ve had lots of replies to your Chai tea question already, but it’s dead easy to make. All you do is chuck some spices (esp. cinnamon, ginger, one or two black pepper corns and cardamon) in a pot with some water and simmer for a while. You can then add some normal tea if you want. Top it off with milk and a bit of sugar/honey. Voilà – chai tea for practically nothing! This mixture will keep for a couple of days, esp in a thermos.

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