Pest control

A reader from Northland says he collects roadkill for use in predator traps on his property. We like that idea – dead pests being used to catch live pests so the good wildlife can survive. If his traps are fully baited he digs the remains into his garden to become blood and bone fertiliser.

Still on the topic of pest control, we think it’s great that central government has made a serious commitment to pest eradication and set the lofty goal for the country to be free of rats, stoats and possums by 2050. We encourage all lifestyle block owners to join the “Eradication Army”. For those oily raggers wanting to source traps, try your local regional council, which usually sells traps at their cost – or check the wide range of traps and baits that are available online from sites like

A reader has some advice on reducing heating costs. “Reorganise the layout of your house so that most of your living is done in the sunniest rooms. Most modern houses are designed to capture the sun, but some of the older homes have things a little back to front – like morning sun in a bedroom instead of the dining room. Change room use to maximise the use of natural heat.”