Lawn clippings

A reader has asked for suggestions regarding lawn clippings. Her husband has been putting them in the wheelie bin and has asked for a better suggestion. Lawn clippings can certainly be put to good use, and without a lot of bother.

A really simple way to turn it into compost is to put lawn clippings, weeds and cuttings into a large black polythene bag. Seal the bag and leave it. Turn it every week. After three months you will have good compost for your garden.

Another way is to make a compost bin. A number of readers have written in about their do-it-yourself compost bins. Simply collect four pallets of the type freight companies use to stack their goods on, and place them upright to form a square. Tie each corner with rope or wire and get started! When you think the compost is ready to use, undo the string at one corner and open it up like a gate. Shovel out the compost and store it. Close the gate and you are ready to make the next batch. We notice some businesses give these pallets away, so best of all, this is a free solution!

Or, how about making two raised garden beds, one for composting and the other for growing? Once the composting bed is ready, rotate the plantings and repeat the cycle. This is also a great way to use kitchen scraps. A reader from Hastings digs a deep trench in the garden, shreds his kitchen waste and places it into the trench. He covers the waste with soil and plants his vegetables directly on top.