Mouse trap

Tony from Blenheim has this suggestion for a bait free mouse trap! “Tired of using up all the peanut butter to catch that pesky mouse? Here’s how to do it cleanly without bait. Mice always avoid open spaces if they can – they prefer to run alongside the skirting board. We can use this trait to our advantage. Instead of baiting your trap (the black plastic ones work best) just set it and push it up against the skirting with the ‘mouth’ against the wall. The mouse will run along the wall and over the trap and Bingo, no more mice! Trust me, it works.”

I am sure Tony’s idea will be useful to the many families who are experiencing an invasion of mice now that the cooler weather has set in – especially those oily raggers who have a garden and keep poultry. Like Tony we have found the plastic traps do work better than traditional ones, and they are easier to set. Some of the modern traps get pretty fancy with pre-loaded bait but we found a thin slice of cheese pressed onto the tongue of the plastic trap works better than peanut butter – but maybe the mice up our way just don’t like peanut butter!