W.G, Waimauku.

My husband and I have been oily raggers for years. When we got married, we had a fabulous, old fashioned country wedding. We got married in the gorgeous garden of one of our local craft stores and walked to the reception at our local hall.

When our friends and family asked what we would like as gifts, we asked them to contribute to the day from what they were good at. We put a hangi down in our backyard that was transported to the hall in someone’s ute. We were given a lamb, a pig, vegetables and bottled fruit for fruit salad. One friend made our dresses, another was our transport, another made our cake while yet another iced it.

Our parents bought some beer and wine, and my husbands’ workmates took photos and presented them to us later in an album. Still another person found a two man band that wanted a gig in the country for little more than a good hangi meal that was cooked by more fabulous friends and relations. we had a brilliant day for one hundred and forty guests that cost considerably less than friends spent the next weekend just on their photographer!

P.S. I’m still crazy about him after 26 years. It just proves that it does not have to cost a fortune to show that you care about each other.