Free kitchen

An oily ragger has been in touch recently to tell us how they ended up with a free kitchen. In fact, it was better than a free kitchen. The young couple had bought an older style house and was in the process of doing it up as they could afford it, including the kitchen. Now anyone who has replaced their kitchen will know how expensive that is. The cost of the appliances and cabinetry can run into many tens of thousands of dollars.

Because they did not have tens of thousands of dollars to spare, they started looking online and found an “as is where is” kitchen for sale on a no reserve auction. They bid $1 and won! There was a bit of effort involved because they had to remove the cabinetry, but for $1 and a bit of time they ended up with a two-year old kitchen, complete with the near new appliances! Because the cabinetry is modular, they were able to adapt things to suit their space. As it happens they did not need all of the appliances and cabinetry so they sold what they did not need on the same online auction site for $1,000! That’s really smart and just goes to show what can be achieved with a little creativity and a willingness to make an effort.

A quick search online shows that there are quite a number of complete kitchens for sale – at a fraction of their replacement value – when homeowners and builders are renovating. Some are available disassembled and disconnected and others are in situ to be removed before a certain date.