Mrs. Valuable Forthright Opinions, Near Canterbury, UK

The top bits of solar garden lights make very good small reading lights and torches.
I bought two large jar things with solar lids recently, wanting to explore their use for indoor lighting. For this purpose, I found them quite useless as they are too dark and cast a depressing light. However experimentations showed that the lid bits are great for reading in bed with without having to turn on the bedside lamp and annoying one’s bed mate. I was also delighted to establish that I am in fact not as blind as a bat as I thought – using these little hand held solar lights makes reading glasses completely unnecessary as you can get them very close to the exact bit that you’re reading
I am planning to return the jars to the shop (which cost 7 UK pounds a throw) and buy a couple of reasonable quality solar lids which you can get for attaching to your own jars instead.