Free stuff and handouts

Caro writes,

I live in Auckland and around this area and also reasonably far-reaching suburbs there is the “Free Cycle” website people can join and everything (as the name says) is free and also the “Neighbourly” web site in most areas and expanding also has free stuff and wanted free stuff etc.

There are recycling depots around Auckland you can now go to and get cheap items.

I hate seeing rubbish (especially mattresses) dumped on the roadside when Auckland Council actually have a recycling site for them where they break them down and recycle them.

People spend too much on vices because the Government hands out too much money to them, they do not know how to budget and with all these agencies handing out lunches, raincoats, shoes, breakfasts etc why should they bother. Other people are basically looking after, feeding and clothing their children. More money means money for the vices (alcohol, ciggies, drugs, Lotto etc).

Stop some of it and make people stop and look around. They have X amount of dollars coming into the house, budget the necessities (mortgage/rent/board, power, basic telephone instead of all this high tech and expensive cell phones) water etc.

Every State house around where I live has a Sky dish. Flash cars parked in the driveway.

I own my own home, have one income and I cannot afford Sky! Why can beneficiaries and the like – because their children are being provided all the free stuff because they scream poverty. Grow a vegetable garden, budget hard and be money savvy – it is not hard. Stop looking to the Government and agencies – people bring these children into the world – they need to look after them or put them up for adoption to a well-earned family who cannot conceive. I bought up 3 strapping lads on my own with no help, I cooked, grew vegetables, shopped savvy at the markets, never ever had handouts for anything and they have gone on to places as did I.

I feel good about the journey and it makes you a better person for it.