John writes that he is enjoying seeing native wood pigeons feasting on the guava berries in his garden. He has grown them especially for the pigeons but says he loves eating them fresh from the tree too. So, if you have some space, guavas are a great tree to plant – and they are also said to be a good companion plant for citrus too.

Speaking about attracting birds, something as simple as a bird bath will bring them around – including native pigeons. Tuis, bellbirds and waxeyes love sugar water, especially at this time of the year when nectar is in short supply. Dissolve a cup of sugar in a litre of warm water, and allow it to cool before placing it out for the birds.

If you want to encourage birds into your garden, why not hang up a bird feeder and fill it with seed from the supermarket, garden centre or pet shop. You could also try feeding them with bread, fruit, or kitchen scraps.  In our house nothing is wasted – kitchen leftovers are either fed to the chickens or birds, or they end up in the compost bin and returned to the soil.