Lofty, Kapiti Coast.

We have 2 Feijoa Trees, 2 Crab Apple trees,1 pear tree, 1 apple tree, and 1 loquat tree. To use these with minimum waste, we harvest as follows.:-

Loquart. Harvest in Nov-Dec. Skin and clean, stew for eating or make jam or freeze.

Feijoas. Scoop and eat or freeze. Save skins in bread bags and freeze until you have enough to boil, strain and make jelly from the juice, or freeze the juice to use instead of water when cooking other fruit. I had about 20 L. of

I had about 20 litres of apple, crab apple, and feijoa juice in ice cream containers from last year and am now using this juice for this year’s harvest. Boil up windfall apples and pears, strain and freeze to use as above. The leftovers are then fed to the chooks.

I have all three of your Oily Rag books & they certainly have some good hints. Keep up the good work.