Butter or oil?

Laura from Paeroa has a question:

I would like to do some baking however butter is so expensive at the moment. I would like recipes that use oil instead of butter. Unless someone knows how much oil to use to replace, for example, say 250 grams of butter in a biscuit recipe? Could you replace butter with oil?


  • Oily Rag Ed' says:

    Kirsten replies:

    In answer to Laura about replacing butter in baking: Margarine can replace butter in just about every recipe, which makes it cheaper. It can be used in recipes where the butter is melted or softened or creamed. I’ve used it in scones, biscuits, slices, cakes, muffins and everything, really.

    Oil can replace butter in recipes where the butter is melted, but it won’t work in recipes where it calls for the butter to be creamed. I have used oil successfully in muffins, some cakes, and loaves, but not in slices or biscuits.

  • Oily Rag Ed' says:

    Andie from Christchurch says yes – essentially the conversion ratio is 1 part butter to three-quarters of oil. So instead of using 1 cup of butter in a recipe, the replacement is ¾ of a cup of oil.

    Andie has also referred us to a website that lists a number of butter substitutes that can be used in baking. Here are some of the ones that are likely to be of the most interest:

    Applesauce: use 1/2 cup applesauce instead of 1 cup of butter
    Avocado: 1 cup to 1 cup of butter
    Greek yoghurt: 1/2 cup to 1 cup of butter. Most suitable for baking cakes.
    Pumpkin puree: 3/4 cup to 1 cup of butter.
    Coconut oil: 1 cup to 1 cup of butter.

  • JO Waimate says:

    I have been using lecithin granules when baking bread in a bread maker for years. It works a treat. I’m not sure if it is cheaper, though. Good luck.

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