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Now is the time to plant citrus. A few years ago an oily rag reader planted a number of orange varieties which are now delivering a regular supply of fruit. The Navel varieties included Carters, Washington, Cara Cara, Powell, and Harwoods Late which is a Valencia variety. What the difference between Navel and Valencia oranges […]


Keep your fridge between 2 and 4 degrees celcius. It is most energy efficient at that level. Check that the fridge seals are tight. Fridges work best well full. Thaw frozen food in the fridge. It cools the fridge.

Frugalite, Hamilton.

A good and economical laundry powder recipe I found out about is: 1 bar sunlight soap (grated), 1 kg washing soda. Grind it all up in a blender or food processor, in batches if you need to. If do in batches, pour each batch in a large bowl then, when finished, mix well before putting […]

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Some may have noticed recent publicity about a supermarket price war over nappies. The bottom line is they are discounting the price of disposables to lure mums down their isles so while they are buying up large on the discounted product they are also filling their shopping carts with the everyday priced goodies (the same […]

The Milk Report

27 May 2009 Milk is one of those household essentials, especially for households with young mouths to feed. So we wanted to know how much people are paying for milk, and come up with ways to make savings. The survey was conducted via More than 600 responses came in from all across the country […]