Lorraine, Hamilton.

I recently bought some top quality cream sheets at 60% discount because the manufacturer was changing their packaging. I couldn’t buy a full matching set as the fitted sheets (single size) and pillowslips had already sold out.

To solve the problem, I bought from what was left in the sale as follows:

1 x S (single) flat sheet @ $16
1 x KG (king size) fitted sheet @ $24
1 x SKG (super king) flat sheet @ $24
Total spend: $64.00

I remade them into the following set and estimate their cost at discounted price as:

1 x S flat sheet $16.00
2 x S fitted sheets $48.00
3 x pillow slips (2 standard, 1 Euro) @ $7.5 ea $22.50
Total value: $86.50 (Remember I pd $64)

From the KS fitted sheet I converted it to: 1 x S fitted sheet and 1 x standard pillowslip.

From SKG flat sheet I converted it to 1 x S fitted sheet, 1 x standard pillowcase and 1 x Euro pillowcase.

To cut a long story short, when I sewed up my new fitted sheets from an old fitted sheet pattern I left the elastic off. They still stay in place on the bed without it. The 4 side walls I sewed up by doing a double row of straight stitch and then a row of zigzag on the edge. I haven’t had a problem ever with seams failing.

The pillowslips pattern was made from an existing pillowslip. They are easy to draft and super quick to make once you get the hang of laying up the flap.

All up it was about a mornings work but worth it I feel as I have a v. good quality matching set. Because of the replacement second fitted sheet, I don’t see why I can’t get at least 10 years out of this set.