Adrienne from Christchurch has a couple of pie recipes to share. “Here’s a recipe for those with a toastie pie gadget. Cut a pastry square in half and place on the toastie pie maker. Use leftover mince, spaghetti, baked beans or a mixture of chopped onion, bacon, 1 egg, and grated cheese. Put the other pastry half on top and lower the lid but don’t click it down because it allows the lid to rise as the pastry cooks. Eat hot or wrap in plastic film and place into an ice cream container before freezing. Something different for lunch!”

The second recipe is a quick and easy bacon and egg pie. “I use a pastry square on a casserole lid or pie plate to make this. Cook half a cup of peas. Boil a potato and slice. Chop up a slice of bacon and an onion. Place the bacon and onion on the pastry first, then other ingredients. Beat two eggs and add a tablespoon of milk. Pour over the mixture then top with grated cheese. Seal the top by folding the corners over and cook in an oven for 25mins.”