DIY heater

Peedeenz from Hastings writes, “For those with welding and mechanical skills and a bit of spare time, converting old decommissioned propane cylinders into a pot belly stove for heating the shed works well. There are a number of YouTube videos showing how to do this. Since scrap metal dealers don’t want the cylinders, go to the place where they retest them and ask if you can have the failed ones. They have no valves, a hole has been drilled in them to prevent them from being used again, and they have been washed out during the testing process. Angle grinders, a cheap arc welder and a bit of scrap metal can turn out a nice little shed heater. Use it safely to burn old pallet wood and junk mail brickettes – homemade of course. It can be mounted outside the shed and the heat ducted into the shed if there are safety concerns. Use the ash from paper and untreated wood in the garden as it is a source of potassium. Use an old speaker magnet to remove the nails from the ash. Have a warm winter!”