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Generic gift

Yvette from Australia says, Generic gift: purchase 4 plastic key tags in different bright colours and label simply ‘car’ ‘house’ ‘shed’ ‘mailbox’ etc and give for keys and spares with a snap lock carabiner for keeping them all together and to hang up. A key detector could be attached, I used to have one that […]

The perfect gift

Polly from Auckland has this tip, The perfect gift for those you find difficult to buy for would be a cotton or canvas shopping bag as plastic bags are being phased out at supermarkets.

Appealing porridge

Caron from the Waikato has this tip, Someone asked how to make porridge more appealing. If you think out of the box you can add all sorts of goodies to your porridge. I use my elderly father’s method: before bedtime, in a medium sized Pyrex bowl measure in rolled oats, an equal measure of milk […]

A great bus service

Caron from the Waikato writes, I wasn’t able to use my car for several days so was nudged into investigating the excellent bus service in my city. I downloaded the bus timetable app onto my phone which tells me how many minutes away the next bus is. I can pretty well get to most of […]

Freezing cheese

JO from Waimate writes, Thank you for putting my question about cheese in your newsletter. In the meantime, I have tried to freeze some slices in a jam jar and they came out perfectly! Thank you!

Diswashing liquid and frugal living

Carolyn from Auckland writes: Dishwashing liquid – I do not have a dishwasher so grate good old Sunlight soap and it is great. I make my own laundry products from Binn Inn – Baking soda and again grated Sunlight soap and a few drops of essential oils where necessary, likewise I have a container of […]

Kerb app

Harriet from Brisbane writes, “Use the Kerb app to park or lease a space to save money on parking or earn money renting a space you don’t use!”

Too much plastic

JO from Waimate writes, “I have been thinking about: ‘Do we really need to use so much?’ This I apply to everything I can think of, especially if it benefits the environment. I have made a serious effort to reduce the plastic I buy. I noticed that nearly everything is packaged in plastic, especially in […]