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Clean a clothes iron?

RJ from Auckland asked if anyone had any tips to clean the soleplate of their clothes iron. They say, “I have tried baking soda, and ceramic cleaner (the iron is ceramic after all) but nothing will get it off as yet.”   Emma from Auckland replies, “Nowadays I use a detachable teflon sole plate, not […]

Smell nice washing

Chris from Tirau asks, “What can I do to make my washing smell nice without spending a fortune on conditioner.” Rosemary from Christchurch writes, “When my son came back from flatting he asked me what washing powder I used to get my washing to smell nice. I discovered that he had been overloading the washing […]

Motel Owner, Whakatane.

Buy baking soda from Bin Inn and add to wash with laundry powder. You can also reduce the amount of laundry powder by about 1/5 as baking soda is also a cleaner. I use equal amount of baking soda and laundry powder.


Don’t have a washing machine? Get a Wonderwash for about $50. It uses two tablespoons soap powder, and ¼ of the water!   A Wonder Wash washing machine is ideal for single items or camping. They can be bought at camping stores and come up from time to time on Trademe.

Canny Scot, Christchurch

My laundry is in the garage so I have installed a ceiling mounted pully for drying the clothes. It is convenient being right next to the washing machine and it is very efficient as our garage faces north and gets very warm. I do not own a tumble drier and don’t have to rush to […]

Jenny, Paremata, Porirua.

My husband built a clothes line on a pulley system which holds three loads of clothes. We have an extension on our house and there is a space behind our house, under cover, but gets the breeze and I hang my washing out at night and retrieve it in the morning.  I have a dryer […]