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Jaysee, Waikouaiti.

Being an oily ragger myself I stopped buying shampoo nearly three years ago and now just wash my hair in warm water while showering. But once a week I beat an egg, pour it onto my hair and massage it into my scalp. Result – lovely soft and bouncy hair. Follow that with a vinegar […]

Egg farming

For more information about egg farming see the Egg Producers Federation website, click here >>>

Alicia Webster

Quiches are easy to whip up anytime, and you don’t need pastry to have one. For my family of 6 we like having mini quiches.  Just chop up finely half an onion, fry with a bit of crushed garlic and oil. Place in greased muffin pans, add a bit of grated cheese. Then in a […]

M.M., Auckland.

Anyone who buys the dozen pack of eggs, just have a quick look at the price of the 1/2 dozen pack, as I always find you can save anywhere between 2 cents and 20 cents by buying two of the 1/2 dozen packs instead of one dozen pack.

ME, Auckland.

One of my fav’ cheap yummy meals mum makes is eggs and rice :Cut onions into thick slices and cook till translucent, and add scramble egg mix, salt to taste.  Cook on medium so it doesn’t burn and barely stir so you have nice big fluffy scramble.  Take off 30 secs to a min before […]

Joan, Opotiki.

I would like to share my favourite Puffy Egg recipe with others. My daughters made it at school. You need: 1 egg per person, chopped bacon, 1 oz (about 30 grams) grated cheese, 1/8 teaspoon of salt and 1 slice of toast. Toast the bread. Separate egg whites in a bowl; place the yolk on […]

Jan, Whangarei.

When you have a few extra eggs freeze them. Just beat a couple together and put in small jar or container and into the freezer. Use for baking or scrambled eggs and particularly useful for Christmas or birthday cakes.


Egg replacement powder (great for egg allergies, but cheap as well!). It’s cheaper than eggs and very convenient for meat loaves, pikelets, etc.

Too many eggs!

My free range chooks are laying like mad and I am ending up with an excess of them. I would like some ideas of how to use them up.I do barter some. I would also like recipes for fruit loafs, which is good to freeze. Also what to do with passion fruit? Look forward to […]

Duck eggs

“Peggy” from Whangarei is looking for ideas on the best use for duck eggs. “We have adopted a wild duck with one leg (which we named Peggy). Every morning she flies onto our lawn so we feed her with bread and corn seed. Peggy is returning the kindness by producing an egg a day – […]