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M.K. Australia.

Go food shopping about half an hour before the supermarket is due to close. You can pick up things like cooked chickens for half price and use them for lunches during the week. There are a lot of cut priced items on sale because the store can’t sell them the next day.

Wollfgang, Hastings.

I would like to comment on your article in Hawkes Bay Today. You have missed out on one other rare sub-species of homo shoppiens: The super special swapper shopper. You were talking about the rage when a shopper finds an article cheaper, on special the next day. The super special swapper shopper, who interestingly enough […]

Rosy, Wellsford.

Investigate Smile City. A number of shopping sites plus earn points. No need to shop to earn – when enough points, can cash out ($30 so far and eligible for another $30 at present), or donate to a specified charity, or bid on an auction. More details at

Jaycee, Kawera.

Watch for “Use today” meat specials, often half the normal price, and freeze for future use. Towards the end of the week meat that is already on special becomes an especially good buy.

Monique, Hastings.

If you are a new mum or have multiple kids and HATE going to the supermarket you need to give countdown’s online shopping a try, its pretty easy to do I save normally about $50 per fortnight I don’t have to drag the kids around and its actually fun when the truck pulls up the […]

WWG, Waipu.

I agree one has to check prices per kg when buying from bulk bins. Craisins (dried cranberries) bought from a supermarket bin were $13 a kg dearer than packaged ones from the same shop! I was informed it was because they came in fresh from the suppler.

N.M, Blenheim.

When doing a grocery list spend sometime on your computer writing up a list of absolutely everything that you buy in your grocery shop, Print it off and go around your kitchen and home to cross off what you have plenty of. Doing this will ensure that you don’t need to go back to the […]


Check out for brand new discounted items (you can get up to 60% off). This site has everything, homewares, makeup, clothes etc.

Blue Gnome, Plimmerton.

I love garage sales (this weekend I got 12 items of clothing including a bath robe for $21) but I do not love getting to garage sales at the published start-time to find all the good stuff has been snapped up by the early birds. As online auction prices rise think about returning to the […]